Modern Design: Quick Tips for Your Living Room

by Larry Quaynor 10/10/2021

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Giving your living room a modern look can instantly enhance its appearance, especially if it has an outdated look or style currently. Modern interior design includes a wide range of options in terms of overall style, so you’ll find plenty to choose from. Whether you’re aiming for a more minimalist look or one that makes your living room seem brighter or roomier, the following tips can help you achieve your interior design goals for this part of your home.

Make Your Living Room Minimalist

A minimalist design can make living rooms look more tidy and organized while also giving them a sophisticated appearance. Minimalist styles include clean lines rather than curves or rounded edges. For this type of look, choose furniture with straighter edges, such as a rectangular coffee table or square coffee tables. Sofas, loveseats and armchairs should also have these types of lines rather than rounded or curved edges. To complete this look, stick to simple color schemes with neutral tones, such as grays or beiges. You can add a few touches of color for visual appeal, such as a few brightly colored throw pillows.

Create an Airier Look and Feel

Modern living rooms often have a bright and airy appearance, especially in open concept homes, but you can achieve this look in a closed concept home as well. To get this kind of look for your living room, consider choosing white or light-colored furniture and adding more vivid colors with area rugs, accent pieces and artwork. The lighter colored furniture can help smaller living rooms feel roomier compared to darker colored furniture. The touches of color can give these rooms a more cheerful appearance. You should also make sure the walls are a white or light neutral tone if you’re repainting. These wall tones can also make your living room look and feel more airy and welcoming.

Combine Modern Style with Mid-Century Appeal

When you’re giving your living room a modern makeover, you don’t have to stick to this style exclusively. Consider adding touches of mid-century design for a slightly vintage look that blends with more modern styles. Mid-century styles can also help modern living rooms feel more comfortable and inviting overall. Choose mid-century sofas and chairs with wider seats and headboards, and combine these with more modern design elements, such as metal tables or wood accents.

Adopt an Eco-Friendly Style

Modern living rooms styles include rustic designs with an eco-friendly approach. You can get this type of look for your living room by using warmer tones, such as darker grays or deep browns, rather than white and other light, neutral colors. Choose furniture made from organic materials, such as reclaimed wood for coffee tables or sofa frames. Add textured accent pieces made from organic, eco-friendly materials as well to enhance this rustic look.

Choose a Bold, Modern Look

If you want to give your living room a bolder or more visually striking style, choose a dramatic black and white modern design. Keep walls white while filling the room with black sofas, chairs and tables to achieve this look. You can also add to it by hanging black frames on white walls and placing white accent pillows or throws on black loveseats, sofas and chairs. Metallic accent pieces can add to your living room’s modern style when paired with this black-and-white color scheme.

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